We Want You!

Got what it takes to join 15 Kings?

We here at 15 Kings are always looking for people to join our family. If you believe you would be suitable for a position then be sure to read this article.

Currently there are positions available for various types of people interested in Esports. From social media managers to players, over designers and editors to scouts and coaches. Check out the list below to see if there are any positions you deem yourself suitable for.


Open positions within the 15 Kings Management:

- General Management

- Content Management

- Social Media Management


The 15 Kings Management is hand picked. A group of individuals who shine with an extrordinary work ethic and an immeasurable passion for Esports. We expect everyone that wishes to partake in our journey to follow that exact same pattern. This wheel keeps spinning and we all are moving it. If you are experienced in your field and bring the motivation to work to your fullest potential, go apply for 15 Kings.

Open positions within the 15 Kings Studio:

-Content Editors (Highlights, Montages, various other types of videos )

- 3D Animation Artist

- Graphic Designer 

-3D Thumbnail Designers

The 15 Kings Studio Team works in an  structured environment, ensuring that everything the team needs will be provided. They are the core for the content production in this organization. Working in the Studio carries alot of responsibilities with it. So be sure you bring alot of knowledge and passion before applying.

Open positions within the 15 Kings Esports  and Content Teams

- Content Creator / Streamer

- Professional Athlete​

The 15 Kings Esport and Content Teams are content creators, streamers and players collectively representing the 15 Kings roster. While streamers and content creators are expected to have a mature attitude, engaging personality, a loyal + consistent viewership and a scheduled plan, our Esports athletes focus on their performance in game, making sure to keep up consistent placements aswell as a very strong mindsetWe are constantly developing as both a brand and a team. So be aware of the responsibilities you carry. If you think you got what it takes as a player or as a content creator, ask yourself first:

"What can I bring to the team to make it move forward?"

"What is my value as a content creator or player to a team that relies on constant and consistent movement?"







We are expecting alot from you. But we give alot back. We are a family. So of you wish to apply for the current positions, please head to our contact page or send us a DM on Twitter.