• Damien Lorist

Your chance in the £1500 Fortnite Cup!

Updated: Apr 27

We had a new years resolution. And that was to make this year the year that we start flying. And we did. We certainly did. 6 Months doesn't sound too long for the most people. In fact, rather short, for an Esports team at least. But if you dedicate almost your entire freetime to something that you love, something that you truly believe to bring to the very top, you can rest assured that time won't fly by just like that. We decided we wanted to bring a tournament to the community and put ourselves on the map at the same time. We wanted to do something, that noone else around us has ever done before. From consulting the world's most credible casters to securing spots for well-known professionals in the game, we managed to establish a foundation for a tournament that will be a gamechanger.

The tournament consists of 99 trio teams, fighting in our public Discord sever for a spot in the semi finals, which are already filled with top tier names from all around the community! The date is yet to be announced. If you wish to learn more, join our Discord and verify your Epic Games account!

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