15 Kings 2021 Apparel

15 Kings x Gamersapparel 2021

The 15 Kings merch is back and better than ever!
Together with GamersApparel we have partnered up and created something amazing.

This is something we here at 15 Kings are really passionate about as we wish to create something that isn't average, something unique. We also wanted it to be a good price as the eSports scene is riddled with too many overpriced, cheaply made products. In order to ensure that both of these conditions where met, we partnered up with gamersapparel who provide merchandise for the best of the best.

Our designs are now up on their website for all to view and we couldn't be any happier. We have many plans to release limited time drops and more so if you are interested, be sure to keep a close watch. Head over to the GamersApparel Website now to check out the clothing and goods now out and use 15Kings in order to get 15% off your chosen product!

15 Kings Windbreaker
15 Kings Wall Flag
15 Kings Esports Jersey
15 Kings Player Jacket